Quotations have become a part of our life.  It has a powerful impact on people as it conveys deep meaning in few words or sentences.  We use it whenever it suits.  Writing quotations is always a pleasant feeling for me. 🙂

So here is the sixth installment of “FEW QUOTES” which i hope will be appreciated by you. I will be eagerly waiting for your views. 🙂 Do have a look…

1.  Sometimes tears comes out from the eyes  even though we have not cried

 2.  People meets to get separated. The separation is fixed the day when we first meet. 

3.  Don’t depend on others to guide you in your way. Try to become candle of yourself who        will always show you the path , a ray of hope whether in day or in night.  

Ashish Kumar

19 thoughts on “…FEW QUOTES – VI…

  1. Nice sharing.

    We all are emotional in nature, though outwards we may make excuses yet nature remains so, so the ‘tears’.

    Separation is natural for those who meet. Nobody is permanent here on this planet.

    To be candle we have to have self realization.

    Thanks sharing beautiful thoughts.


    1. A very warm welcome to my blog.
      Thank you so much for appreciating my work. Its an honour for me to have your views here sir.
      Always need your blessings. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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