There is always a crowd.

But there is still a void.

The whole world is big in size.

But there is no place to properly reside.


 The feeling of loneliness taunts        him.

With a hope of having a joy.

Walking in an unknown path.

Waiting for proper time to fly.


He wanted to love.

He wanted to be loved.

Having a soft heart.

He used to get hurt.


He waits till today.

Hope keeps him alive.

She will come back.

That is his ultimate desire.



Ruined by the past.

He is standing with faith today.

Moving slowly and slowly.

Hoping she will be with him “one day”.


During the deadliest time.

He was walking in vain.

When he needed her extremely.

She left him in severe pain.

His heart cried a lot.

Tearing the body into different slot.

Bleeding from inside and outside.

He had no support to cry.

Having red tears in his eyes.

He was slaughteted mentally.

He became a living dead.

Having no strength to live physically.



He is still waiting for her.

With a hope to hug her.

Still having a soft corner.

He will accept her.


Forgetting her is not possible.

She can come back.

That is also not impossible.

Mistakes can happen with your love.

Forgive them if you have “TRUE LOVE“…


– Ashish Kumar



14 thoughts on “… A HAUNTED MEMORY …

    1. First of all i would like to welcome you to my blog. Its a pleasure to have your views on my writing.
      Thank you so much for liking the poem. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views. 🙂


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