Here are few of my quotes which is based on my imagination, my thinking and my observation. The third one is dedicated to all who decide to commit useles step without thinking anything. Have a look at these three quotes and share your views on it.

1. Being an “illiterate” is better than being an “educated illiterate”.


2. If you will follow the crowd blindly and abruptly, you will be lost in the crowd.


3. If my love doesn’t care for me and because of any reason if i can’t marry her. Then i am not going to die for her because she might get another one like me but my parents will not get a son like me. THINK…


– Ashish Kumar


14 thoughts on “…FEW QUOTES – IV…

    1. i hope this should not happen as life is precious and should not be wasted away. One should definately introspect before taking such decisions.
      Thank you so much mam for your valuable views. Keep visiting.:)


    1. Rightly said. The example of first one can be found easily…
      I would like to welcome you at my blog. Nice to have your views on my writings. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views… 🙂


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