Here are few of my quotes which i have penned from my imagination. I hope it will be liked by the respected readers.


1. True love happens from inside, there is no need to publicize.

2. Become a shadow of who you love. Never leave him/her even though if there is no light.

3. Love is a silent prayer to god. Pray for your love even though if it is not with you.

      – Ashish Kumar

8 thoughts on “…FEW QUOTES – II…

    1. 1) Thank you
      2) In order to walk you don’t need your shadow but the shadow goes wherever you go. In the same way you should be there with your love even though if it not requires you. The presence of yours must not be physical only but you can also be attached with your heart.
      3) well that doesn’t mean that you cannot pray even if you are with your love… 🙂

      thankyou so much saket for giving such a nice review. 🙂
      keep visiting. 🙂


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