A day will come.

When a light will burn in water.

Slowly and slowly burning all the obstacles.

Cutting the motion of all the dead hopes.

Preparing for a big journey by a new slope.


A ray of light coming from dark.

Making a new path instead of having so many people’s bark.

Sending the messages to the nerves.

So that not to become nervous.


Frustration, depression are out of service…

The only thing left is ” dedication”…






– by Ashish kumar

9 thoughts on “…DEDICATION…

  1. Dil-logical

    A try to be one in a million…. 🙂
    People forget the power of “will force” these days… otherwise every damn thing could have been achieved with sincerity and dedication… 🙂
    Love dis post… propels me as an inspiring one… Keep writing more bro… 🙂


    1. thank you very much alpanaji for liking my work and leaving your valuable comment… i am glad to know that at least my poem had given you few strength to cope up with the underlying situation… i hope that you will get rid of it soon… thanks again… it is my pleasure to get your views on my poem…


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