Have one aim.

To beat up all vain.


One day…

My faith will win.

Despite of all sad wing.

My heart will smile.

Despite of having a long journey of millions mile.


One day…

I will reach my destination.

Rather of having too much tension.

My views will become immortal.

Even though i cannot.


One day…

I will give something new.

Although the chance is “very few.”

Burning  the obstacles with fire.

I will create a new fire.


One day…

I will fly in the sky.

Not in an airplane but…

with my thoughts and views that i have achieved something.


One day…

Obstacles will come in my way.

But i will never give up.

Even though if i have no speed up.


– by Ashish kumar

22 thoughts on “…ONE DAY…

  1. Often people say you need to have a power packed word display to create a beautiful poem but I feel otherwise. If you can touch heart in simple words then you are an artist. You did so in this beautiful poem.


    1. Ashish kumar

      thankyou saru mam for such a nice response towards my poem.. it will motivate me a lot to write much more better… keep motivating me… thanx a lot.. 🙂


  2. Thank you for letting me know about your post,I am totally detached from the blogging world as of now,its a pleasure to read what you have written its given me hope also……..keep up the good work.


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