I was in love with someone.
I always prayed for someone.
I always cried for someone.
I also died for someone.

She also helped me.
She also cared me.
She also used to trust me.
She also loved me more than herself.

But when i saw her today talking with other happily, enjoying each and every moment with full joy.
She was more happy with him.
I was shocked.
I lost my momentum.

A third one took my love out of my arm.
Cutting my dreams breaking my charm.
A third one started loving my love more than me.
And my love went with him without taking any news of me.

That time i felt helpless.
Tears were flowing like shower.
I lost my power.
My mind was not working.
And my body parts were cracking.

Today, when i see her smile and i know that it is not for me, that is the time when i am most disappointed.

I never told her “i love you” and she also didn’t tell me.
That is the fault i did and i am feeling guilty.
I know now, she can’t be mine.
But even now, when i close my eyes she is present in front of me.
This is a dream which will never come true.

It is said that pleasure of love lasts for a moment but pain of love remains forever.
My arm will be empty forever.
My night will be dreamless forever.
And my life will be unambitious forever.

She should remain happy wherever she live.
My all the best wishes for her.
My journey of love is stopped and i got its result which is unexpected for me.
That is the “unwanted result”.

– by Ashish kumar

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