(… this poem is something of different taste. Check this and i hope your time will not be wasted. Please have a look at it …)

When i woke up there is a silence.
When i get ready there is a silence.
When i walk there is a silence.
When i work there is a silence.

Showing my sympathy to everyone.
Giving them all which i also can’t afford.
Always ready to help everyone.
But when i need who will give me support.

Loosing my patience.
Creating a big difference.
Having my sentiments of cost of only one pence.

Sun rises daily but when i will rise.
Sun sets daily but i never set.
Flowers have fragrance and i have only disgrace.
Each one is having a dream but when my dream will become a cream.

I hear noise everytime.
But then also there is a silence.
I see happiness everywhere.
But then also there is a depression.

Silence silence everywhere.
Don’t know the place to live where.
Moving in a dark area where there is a candle but i am unable to see the light.
No strength left for fight.

When it will be out???

– by Ashish kumar

22 thoughts on “…SILENCE…

  1. hmm….like it… but there is a sad feeling in it… r u sad? do u feel that u r not good enough? do u feel alone? cause if u do…then stop thinking that way….this life is a precious gift…u shud embrace life in every way….happiness, once lost, is difficult to regain….dont let ur happiness leave u….

    …..n if u r all ok….n its just the general mood of the write-up n not a reflection of ur own mood…i must say…well written!


    1. Ashish kumar

      thanku sayani didi… yes i m sad sometime, thats why i wrote this… well thanks for liking my work
      i feel sad sometimes.
      As u said life is precious and i will prevail it… its the matter of time that sometimes everyone feel sad and thats why i tried to penned it. THANKU FOR UR VALUABLE COMMENT. UR COMMENTS ALWAYS INSPIRE ME A LOT….


    1. Ashish kumar

      hiii geet singhji… i welcome u to my blog… thanku for viewing my poem and putting ur comment too… keep visiting my blog… thanku.

      ashish kumar


    1. Ashish kumar

      thanku suman didi…. thanks for liking it…
      everything is ok… sometimes it happens after all its life…
      ur comment inspire me for writing better… thanks a lot…


  2. Ekta

    heyy ashu….well job dear! once again ur dis throw made me speechless……..
    no doubt u r a vry good thinker!!!!! i wish i cud b…..:)

    speech is g8 bt silence is greater smtimes .so dn’t let it b go at all !!!!! 🙂


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