(…. I have tried to change my track of writing this time. My this poem is something different from my previous one. My most of the earlier poems was sad but this one is of different taste. I have given my all in this poem. Please do have a look and i hope you will definately like it….)

A voice that always appears on my ears.
This voice is enough to wash my tears.
A voice that always gives me company.
So that i should not feel lonely.

Whose voice is this?
So innocent, so charm and so relaxed.
It makes me tension free.
Feeling the sensation of having someone will be mine forever.

Heared many voices till now.
But this voice is really different.
Felt this voice as my heart’s voice.
Ready to make a final choice.

Is this the voice of the one who always comes in my dream?
Having taste of this voice is really a cream.

I want this voice to be mine forever who will always be with me till my last fever.
So sweet, so delightful voice she have that i can’t stop myself.
Making a way to have a infinite journey with this voice.
I really want this “VOICE TO BE MINE FOREVER.”

24 thoughts on “…VOICE TO BE MINE FOREVER…

  1. saurav chattaraj

    great one dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep it up mahn ………………………………………………………………………………mast hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Vivek Kumar

    u knw a few days bck I watchd a romantic movie ‘A walk to remember’. probably u hv seen it. The story ends tragically with d death of the girl. But the boy still loves her. He remembers d lines she used 2 tell him-” I love this wind, I may not see but I can feel it.”. he felt the same 4 their eternal love which he cant see but surely feel. maybe d voice u dont see whose it is, but still u cn feel it, it soothes ur senses.
    And this poem surely calmed my nerves…. Kudos…!!


  3. satish

    well..hmm..let me comment in hindi coz dis hindi voice wud touch..
    dil ko chuu gai tumhari ye kisi ki awaaz sunane ki baate…kafi acha hai..
    great work done..keep it up n i will b d visitor of ur blog.. n hope 4 some nice works..- with all blessings


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