Going for a faithful journey.
I am afraid of some tragedy.
Moving towards my ambition.
I am having some tension.

Deleting few of my all time “likes”.
Accepting few that i always used to “dislike”.
Feeling very much excited.
Don’t want to recall those memories which were haunted.

I have faith that she will accept my proposal.
I also believe that she will not convert it into disposal.
Afraid of saying her.
Getting feared of loosing her.

I don’t know whether she will accept me or not.
Whether she will be a reason for me to “live” or not.
But i really want her.
Also fear of saying her.

That fear has compelled me to wait for an year.
But it is also true that “I FEAR OF SAYING” her…


16 thoughts on “…I FEAR OF SAYING…

    1. Ashish kumar

      THERE IS NO ONE YAR. ITS JUST AN IMAGINATION. I dedicate this poem to those who love someone but they are unable and afraid of saying their feelings to whom tghey love……..


    1. Ashish kumar

      I welcome you to my blog Seema mam. I am pleased to have your response at my poem. Thankyou very much that you liked my work…
      Keep inspiring and motivating me… 🙂


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