I am alone.
Moving in an undefined path.
Don’t know the end.
Covering endless distance.

I am alone.
Feeling helpless.
Waiting for some to be close with me.
Don’t know when he/she will come.

I am alone.
Residing in darkness.
Meeting with unwanted people.
Working for them.

I am alone.
Want some relief.
Want some to whom i should believe.
Want some for whom i should live.

But for the present…


4 thoughts on “…I AM ALONE…

  1. vivek

    such apt crafting f words…man! Ur poetry gets bettr evrytym. Bt dont feel alone. V r alwz there 2 help u. Feel free 2 contact me when in need…


    1. Ashish kumar

      thanx very much vivek. I am not feeling alone its just an imagination. I just imagine and write. THANX A LOT AGAIN……..


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