When a child is born he cries,
after somedays he smiles,
his father and relatives gives him toys,
with these toys the baby enjoys,
it gives pleasure in everybody eyes.

Days pass and he go to school.
He studies, plays and make friends there.
Parents spent their all to fulfill child’s desires.
That desire may be big or small.
But for that moment…
Does child thinks his desire is reliable or not?
Does he think to fulfill his desire is their parents are supressing their hopes or not?
Does his parents are capable or not???

For the child parents are their GOD!
For the child parents are their LORD!
For the child parents must be ABOVE ALL!
But how many child thinks their parents are their GOD, LORD and ABOVE ALL???
In return parents only wants love.
The pain his mother suffered for 9 months.
The milk he drunk when he was born.

“WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME?” is the general return from the child…
He forgets the 9 months pain in less than 9 seconds.
He forgets the story that his mother used to say when he sleep.
He forgets the day when even a smsll cut worried their parents how much.
The child changes his mind rapidly like a chamelion changes his colour.
He doesn’t care for their parents heart.
He doesn’t care for their parents thoughts.
He don’t want to give even a sweet smile as it is shame for him.

Parents become helpless, hopeless, motionless, dreamless, sleepless, thoughtless and their life become “SWEETLESS.”

18 thoughts on “CHILD AND PARENTS

    1. Ashish kumar

      thank you man… thanx a lot..
      yes it is indeed a cruel reality which is prevailing in our society which due to the mindset of people and it must be stopped..
      the people must change their way of thinking towards their parents..


  1. Aastha

    Vry vry nice poem..nd d lines r d cruel reality..nd we sud respect their feelngs nd also follow them..coz they nvr think wrng abt us..hum khud k liye kuch galat kr skte hain bt hamare parents kvi hme apne maa papa ki hr baat sunni chahiye..unki rspct krni chahiye..aur d most importnt..usne kvi v bhes nai krni chahiye..


  2. upendra

    This is awesome yaar, u have told the truth of the society.
    Hope that evry child will understand the feelings of their parents n evry1 will preserve this child-parent relationship.


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